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Why choose Jigsaw Security?

  • Jigsaw Security wins Hampton Roads Emerging Cyber Security Product of the Year Award - Read More Here

  • Jigsaw Security receives past performance rating of 97% on our previous 6 contracts. Jigsaw Security leads by example and we treat our customers as we would wish to be treated. It's how we do business!

  • Threat Intel shouldn't break the bank. Get our data, sensors and protection for less than a single sensor from our competition. Security needs to be effective, not costly!

Our services and products work with the following systems and platforms

Managed Security

Jigsaw Security is a Managed Security Service Provider. We provide the following services to our customers:

  • Fully Automated Threat Intelligence

  • Single Managed Security Interface for ALL security devices

  • DNS Management - Drops 99.5% of all threats, stops phishing, denies the threat actor access to your devices

  • Centralized Big Data Platform

  • Custom Analytics for YOUR environment

  • Custom Management Reports

  • Centralized Sensor Management and Monitoring (MSSP or Internal)

There is a reason 7 of the top 10 MSSP's in the US are using at least 1 of our solutions. Jigsaw Security has not had a single customer infection since 2014! Not one!

Jigsaw Products

Jigsaw Security proprietary security products (included in MSSP package)

  • FirstWatch Protection Sensor

  • Jigsaw Analytic Platform

  • OSINT-X Customized Intelligence

  • Threat Intelligence Platform Access*

  • Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model Enterprise License

  • Auditing and Reporting

  • Data Lock - Encryption Product

* May require local installation at customer site if customer is managing their own intelligence program. Jigsaw managed sensors do not require a local install

This solution fully manages all security products in an organization from a single interface or MSSP's can use this solution to monitor, report and manage security devices at the MSSP customer sites. One system can managed thousands of individual customers.

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The Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model is a method of protecting networks utilizing intelligence products, analytics, human elements and more. It is the practical application of intelligence models to ensure that networks and devices remain secure, persons and facilities are adequately secured against many types of threats to include non cyber based attack vectors that are often overlooked by IT security personnel. In short we do not believe that you should stovepipe your security operations. Security in order to be effective has to take into account all aspects of security to include physical, personnel, facilities, cyber as well as effective policies and procedures both in times of normal and abnormal operations. We are not an IT based company but rather a true security company.

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