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Analytic Models
A look at Jigsaw Analytic Models

The Jigsaw Security Analytics Platform consist of a variety of analytic products that provide advanced security awareness through the automated review of logs, packet data and ingested unstructured data. These analytic products run on both Windows and Linux based clusters with the Jigsaw Analytics Platform deployed. Our analytic models and modules are listed below. For additional information on our analytic models feel free to request more information below.

Matchstick Analytics (Included in the Enterprise Platform) - Matching application to automate searching for IOC data in streams of data. This includes logs, packet captures or unstructured documents.

Reverse Proxy Data Guard (Additional Charge) - Prevents the extraction of PII, PHI and PCI related information unless the end user is authorized to export such data. This module also provides auditing to keep track of what sensitive data has been read, copied, exported or accessed in an Elasticsearch cluster.

Fusion Analytic (Included in the Enterprise Platform) - Time Series and Term Alerting

Email Guard (Additional Charge) - A module for finding cyber threats in email messages and message like traffic.

VT Law Enforcement Analytics (Additional Charge - Restricted to Law Enforcement and US Government Only) - A module for analyzing social media, forums, text message and dark web for specific content and terms.

This list is just a few of our most popular modules and analytic products. Request additional information below.

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