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jigsaw analytic platform v5

Not only does our solution offer a complete cyber security capability but also can be configured to work in public safety, Government and corporate compliance and research. The solution is a platform and not a product. It can be customized to allow MSSP's to monitor any text based source of data. You can read the manual here. Product information is available here.

The New My Alerts Panel in Jigsaw Version 5

The Jigsaw Analytic Platform was built to provide a common interface to customers and managed service providers. The platform consist of several open source components and allows for rapid deployment of analytics and middle-ware that can connect to sensors, security devices, big data storage, lucene and similar technologies. Jigsaw Security began building big data enabled systems in 2008 long before the current buzz words became a topic of the technical media. In mid 2014 Jigsaw Security set out to create a security analytic product to connect IOC data (known bad actors) with firewall, packet capture and sensors to create a cost effective replacement for big data systems that were costly, hard to implement, required a team of engineers just to keep the system running and to simplify the ingestion of data both structured and unstructured. We succeeded in our goal and our system is in use within many companies, Government and managed security providers.

Features and Capabilities in our Hosted and On-Premise Cloud Security Solution

Search - Every good analytics platform allows you to search one or many data collections.

Correlate - Intersection of Threat Models, IOC's and Time Series with ingested data for alerting, reporting and new index output

Modular Analytics - Using our Jigsaw development team we can deploy analytics specific to your business in hours not days

Storage - Scale to years worth of historical data with Petabytes of data in a single instance

Template Based Auditing - Check systems and devices with templates on login to include ITSG, STIG, HIPAA, PCI, etc.

Ingest Formats - Over 190 supported formats as well as unstructured data ingestion.

Keyword Matching and Term Filtering - Find relevant data in the midst of millions of documents

Open Format - If you can think of a data use case we can create it because we are a platform not a product

Additional Features and Modules - Included at No Additional Charge

Alerting - Alert to Issues affecting your company, customers or entities

Malware Information Sharing Platform Plug-in - Threat Intelligence ingest module for sensors and Big Data Platform

Heuristics Detection Module - Activity based heuristics detection module for logs and packet traffic

API Access - Advanced Threat Intelligence and Activity Feed API

Third Party Data Access - Available in the Platform with additional service charge

Time Series Alarms - Time Series alarms for activity patterns

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Module - Build AI quickly and easily

OSINT Collection - Collect open source data and ingest natively into the platform (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Sentiment Module - Map sentiment over data sets, articles or documents

Document Ingest and Parser - Ingest 190+ different document types and fully index all data, terms and sentiment


Features to find and defeat hackers!

Entity Extraction

The Jigsaw Innovation Lab and Concept Incubator creates custom software to discover, alert, target and collaborate. The software features entity extraction and messaging to alert you to activity of interest. The Jigsaw Platform allows rapid innovation of entity based items and can be used for a variety of use cases.

Platform for MSP's

Learn why Jigsaw Security's solution is being used by MSP's to get insight into customer environments to ensure better security and detection of security events. Click here to download the whitepaper.

Integrated Threat Intelligence Feeds and Heuristic Detection

Sensors - When customers subscribe to our threat intelligence they get an API key and can download our custom sensor product. The sensor is designed to run on your DNS server and will pick up any indicators on your network from our threat intelligence feed, DNS anomalous activity as well as Heuristic detection of new and unidentified threats. Our false positive rates are extremely low and the qualify of our data is extremely high through constant analysis by our Security Operations Center staff.

Data Sources Available - Our threat intelligence feed includes over 64 public sources of data, Jigsaw Proprietary Threat Intelligence, Honeypot Data and third party partner data to include ICS-ISAC, Facebook ThreatExchange, DHS AIS Taxii Data, Sandbox and Submission data and reports from over 480 business partners that look out for threats so that you don't have to. Dollar for Dollar our service is the best in the industry with data available from our Taxii Server, MISP Instance and Cloud Based Big Data Security Platform (Hosted Cloud Version). In addition our Managed Security offering is available for you to extend your teams capabilities by leveraging our security professionals for less than the cost of a single full time employees salary per year. We are the provider to MSSP's the world over and we want to show you the value that Jigsaw Security can bring to your security organization.

The Jigsaw Analytic Platform was born on the battlefield in Afghanistan... Instead of finding terrorist we now find hackers...

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