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TSCM Training Courses

NOTICE: Please note that these services and training are only available to U.S. Citizens only. TSCM is an item listed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and all training, documentation and devices are export controlled items. In order for foreign entities to receive training you must have a permit issued by the United States State Department. For information on the restrictions concerning Electronic Countermeasures you can visit the State Department website on this topic. All students that receive training in this discipline will be subject to background checks and citizenship verification. Students should be prepared to provide a copy of your birth certificate and passport cover page for validation. In addition some students may be required to contact the U.S. State Department for individual authorization for training courses.

Electronic Countermeasures Training - NC PPSB Licensing

Several states require licensing for those companies and individuals wishing to provide Electronic Countermeasures services for hire. These states North Carolina and Nevada (when working for a casino) require formal training and/or certification. Jigsaw Security Enterprise Inc. is an approved Electronic Countermeasures school for licensing by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board. Our instructor Mr. Wetzel has performed hundreds of Electronic sweeps over the last 20 years and provides a complete introductory course and certification course for those individuals and companies wishing to get licensed to perform Electronic Countermeasure services. Read below for class information and scheduling.

Class Information

Classes are held monthly in North Carolina and Pennsylvania or you can sponsor a class at your location. Cost of the licensing course is $1995.95 per person and includes 40 hours of training plus an 8 hour lab (required for certification). Typically class is conducted for 8 hours per day Monday through Friday with an 8 hour practical lab and test. To hold a class at your location we require a minimum of 5 students.

When taking the course you must ensure that you register at least 4 week prior to the course so that we are sure to receive your background investigation and approvals. Students will be provided with a 940 page reference and manual, software defined radio (and software) as part of the course. The course includes over $400 worth of gear that you get to keep after the course. Students must pay in full prior to arriving to the course.

Corporate discounts are available for those wishing to train larger groups (6 or more individuals) but classes will be limited to no more than 20 students.

Cyber Security and Online Training Portal - Jigsaw University

Online Training Classes are available for CE Credits as well as private training. Customer can access our online training server by clicking on the link below. Courses are individually priced. Some courses are approved for NCPPSB and for JPM (Jigsaw Protection Model) certification. Not all courses are available to foreign students. Please ensure before registering if you are a non US person to ensure that the class is authorized for foreign students. All TSCM classes are restricted to US Citizens and verification of citizenship is conducted in person prior to registration for any TSCM related classes.

PPSB Online Course Registration

Fill out the form below to register or obtain information on the available courses. Our instructors will call you and put you in an upcoming class. Multiple dates and classes available. 

Thanks! Message sent.

Course List - All approved by the North Carolina PPSB

TSCM 40 Hour Licensing Course - Approved for Electronic Countermeasures License (NC)

40 Hours In Classroom Training$1995.95

This course is a prerequisite for obtaining an Electronic Countermeasures license in North Carolina. This intensive course is taught over the course of 5 days and includes practical exercises as well as real world use cases. The course includes over 900 pages of documentation. Includes SDR, Software and class materials. 

Understanding Bombing Motivations (NEW)

PPSB-19-045 - 8 Hr Course (7.0 Hours CE Credit) - $139.95

This course is designed as an eye opening awareness for event managers, safety officers, law enforcement, Government and private security. We will cover historical events, blast calculation distances as well as demonstrations and practical exercises. 

Bomb Threat Preparedness and Response (NEW)

PPSB-20-022 2 Hr Course (2.0 Hours CE Credit) - $59.95

This course is designed for event planners and corporate customers and is part of a larger event security series for physical security. There is no practical demonstrations with this introduction. The goal of this course is to help attendees develop their own bomb threat response plans. 

Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness (NEW) PPSB-20-023 4 Hr Course

(4.0 Hours CE Credit) - $99.95

This practical learning course discusses methods utilized by terrorist, criminals and attackers on facilities and personnel. This course outlines several issues that must be addressed to maintain personal and facility security. 

SDR in TSCM - PPSB-14-9568  Course

(8.0 Hours CE Credit) - $195.95

This awareness course teaches attendees how to utilize emerging software defined radios in their Technical Surveillance Countermeasures work. This course utilizes several software defined radio equipment to local covert listening devices and shows other techniques that can help a sweep team in discovering eavesdropping devices utilizing SDR and similar portable radio equipment. 

Jigsaw Security provides in classroom as well as distance education options for your cyber security, physical and other security needs. Some of the courses provided are approved by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board for CE credits and licensing. For more information contact Kevin Wetzel at 919-441-7353. 

Additional Courses

TSCM Advanced Positive Operations* - $1995.95

This is a follow on course designed for Government approved agencies to learn CALEA and FISA eavesdropping techniques and technical surveillance methodologies. This course is NOT AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. 

Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model Course - 40 Hr Course - $595.95

This course teaches students the practical application of the Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model JTMM™. Students will learn various methods in the model to include the following phases. 


For specific course information email for cost, registration, on-site training and more. We offer group discounts and some courses are approved by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board for CE credits or licensing.

All TSCM related courses require verification of US Citizenship prior to registration and may require additional paperwork.

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