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User Guide  for Jigsaw Platform Version 5.3

The current version of the Jigsaw Security Analytic Platform is version 5.3. This version features new features to include Graph, Embedding of Security Consoles, Angular JS Support, Near Real Time Alerting, Report, Hadoop Integration in a single Ingest Pipeline, Apache NiFi Support, IOC Research Module, Authentication and Security Reporting, Failed Login Reporting, My Attackers Panel and improved performance. In addition the new system is 5 times faster than previous versions and new tribe support allowing you to query multiple instances from a single web interface.

Jigsaw Platform Screenshots - Download the Virtual Machine Below

The new IOC Research Module allows cyber investigators to quickly and easily find details on malware, actors and other related information easily. Just put in the indicators, a malware family name or any piece of known information t quickly determine if a file, network connection, etc is a real threat that you need to be concerned about. Bring together all data on an infection in one interface.

One of the main issues with Kibana is getting the information out of the data platform and into reports. This report module dynamically updates allowing management or hunt teams to produce reports quickly and easily. Receive reports via email or post them to the platforms integrated web server making them available to other teams such as your helpdesk, management or even external organizations, auditors and other security professionals.

Track known malware in near real time as new information is uncovered. The tracking feature allows you to tel how widespread a campaign is and determine if your mitigations are working.

This module is used to monitor infections across your organization.

Third party integration with other services such as DNB, FedBizOps, LexisNexis and similar services. The ability to add any external resource directly to your platform instance.

New D3 visualization are now standard in the platform. Add any visualizations natively by adding the javascript file to the server plugins directory.

Download the Jigsaw Analytic Platform VM

This community edition version of our platform includes the following components:

  • Elasticsearch

  • Logstash

  • Kibana

  • Pre Loaded Data (Does not update)

  • Matchstick Analytic (Will only work with the demo data provided to show functionality)

Please note that there is no support for the community edition and that the software is limited to ingested data provided as a demo, in addition there is no management software to maintain the data included in the demo so management is only available via CLI whereas in the commercial version a web based management interface is provided.

The commercial version of the software includes these additional components configured into the baseline:

  • Apache NiFi

  • Government IC Support Module

  • Replicator Module

  • Jigsaw Enterprise Commercial IOC Feed*

  • Jigsaw Enterprise OSINT Data Feed*

  • Signal Keyword Processing Module

  • Custom Module Development and/or Support

  • Web Based Data Management

  • Web Based Ingest Management

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