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Data Disclosure and Privacy Policy

As part of the Jigsaw Security privacy policy and data disclosure the following statement as to what data is captured, stored or maintained by Jigsaw Security as part of our normal operations. Visitors to our websites or users of our services will be identified by the use of the source IP address as well as user-name's used to authenticate to Jigsaw provided services. Jigsaw Security may record and store logs associated with the access of any service for which monetary compensation is paid to Jigsaw. In addition any visitors to any Jigsaw Security content on this website may be captured and stored for performance measurements of this site or any connected site. In addition Jigsaw Security believes that it is important to disclose information concerning transparency of services. As such the following information is voluntarily being provided but may be removed or restricted in the future.

In the last year Jigsaw Security has received the following:

  • 0 Subpoenas or Warrants

  • 0 National Security Letters or FISA Court Orders

  • 0 Gag Orders or Legal Suppression Orders

Data Stored, Collected or Maintained by Jigsaw Security Systems:

The following information is either access, available to or stored by Jigsaw Security Enterprise systems.

  • Open Source News - Currently storing 5 months data

  • Open Source RSS News Feeds - current storing 5 months data

  • Threat Intelligence Honeypot Information - From over 492 Sources

  • Pastebin - All post are retrieved and stored indefinitely since January 2017

  • Articles - Various sources of articles from closed and proprietary sources - Since 2017

  • Wikipedia - Complete Snapshot

  • WikiNews - Complete Snapshot

  • Wiktionary - Complete Snapshot

  • Wikipedia for Schools - Complete Snapshot

  • Threat Intelligence Products both proprietary and through third party participants (2008-2018)

  • Twitter Firehose - Currently storing 7-14 days

  • Log Files - From our sites and systems managed by Jigsaw Security - Since January 2017

  • STIX files from various cyber security vendors and partners - Since 2008

  • Threatnote - A platform for managing threat intelligence incidents

  • Various data sources of intelligence interest - Since 2017

  • RF Captures and Transmission Data - Open source and via partners - Not Disclosed

  • Movement of aircraft, ships and persons - Not Disclosed

  • Open Source and API access to various platform to include Google+, Waze, Network Domain Information and Research

  • VirusTotal, VXVault and similar malware collection and monitoring sites and resources - Since 2017

  • Harvested Threat Intelligence through Harvester and through SafeMove2 connections - Since 2017

  • Additional Data Sources - Proprietary

Breaches and Security Incidents (2008-2018)

Jigsaw Security has had 3 security incidents (below) and 0 breaches in the last 5 years.

  • Incident - Missing thumb drive - Was located and deemed to have been destroyed but failed to record in inventory

  • Incident - Loss of Data - Loss of test data in a test environment occurred on 7 June 2017 - No impact to production systems

  • Incident - Brute Force Logins to Jigsaw System - Perpetrator convicted under state cyber security laws

  • Incident - Account Locked out from TOR nodes - Disallowed access to all Jigsaw Systems from anonymous proxies and TOR

Last Updated: 5 May , 2018

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