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Data Lock

Data Lock is a proprietary encryption product that includes elements that make it nearly impossible to crack. Most encryption relies on the fact that it would take years to crack with a single computer. This is not real security especially since cloud computing and parallel computing did not exist in reliable form when the current encryption models were originally developed. What used to take a million years can now be done in under a month, sometimes minutes depending on the number of nodes in a cluster all working for the ultimate goal of recovering the encrypted payload.

With the increase in terrorist activity this product is restricted to our customer use, our own internal use and US Government only. Understand that this encryption has never been broken because we have never publicly posted the algorithm so without knowing how it works it is even harder to reverse engineer and recover encrypted payloads.



  • Uses a Proprietary Triple DES implementation that has never been cracked - DES was cracked first in 1997 in 96 days and in 1998 in 39 days. As you can see this technology for encryption was written in the 70's at a time when a computer fast enough to crack the encryption would have cost $20 million which was believed to be far outside the realm of possibility for an average citizen or Government. Now DES can be hacked in mere minutes.

  • Uses time based element to deny attack - In many cases messages and content are not designed to be stored for long periods of time. Once the message is read it should be destroyed. When attacked many products write to memory or disk whereas our product writes to a secondary encrypted partition. Once data is written, read and closed a randomizer farther protects the content from being discovered on disk making decryption impractical as you would have to constantly start and stop virtualized environment to snapshot an encrypted partition nullifying any attack.

Authorized Users and Ordering

Customers wishing to order this product must be cleared by the State Department and must agree not to export this technology. In addition customers may need to sign additional agreements for the sale, use or implementation of this product. For more information contact us at 800-447-2150 Ext. 6

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