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COVID-19 Incident

Last Updated: 28 March 2020

All Jigsaw Security operations are CLOSED with the exception of transportation, security and telecommunications critical personnel. Jigsaw Security has provided verified memorandum to critical infrastructure and employees so that they may legally operate during the COVID-19 incident. Updates to this policy will be communicated should FEMA, DHS or state and local changes dictate and change in operating status. 

Critical Employees by Location: 

NC Wake: Edward N Gay

NC Currituck: Kevin E Wetzel

VA NOVA: Jay Coffey

This list will be updated in real time as authorization is granted. 

Jigsaw Security Disaster Plan

Last Updated: 9 June 2017

In order for any business to be fully ready for a natural or man-made disaster they must have an updated and well thought out contingency plan in place and be ready to execute the plan in the event of a threat to operational or personal security of facilities, personnel and threats to loss of service. The following plan is released as a public document (with omitted confidential items) for our customers and employees so that in the event of a natural disaster all parties can execute our plan to remain safe and to ensure that those depending on us for security and other services know what to do when a disaster strikes.


Jigsaw Security operates facilities in Chesapeake, Virginia and Moyock, North Carolina. Our Moyock location provides a 30km WiMAX network that can be used in the event of an emergency. This cell is fully redundant with 2 Internet connections, backup power and the ability to open the network up in the event of an emergency for public use. Those companies and Government agencies within the 30km range of the WiMAX base station can connect during periods of emergency and utilize our services without charge.

In addition the Moyock, North Carolina location also has the ability to activate a GMRS repeater for civilian and disaster response use. This repeater will cover a 20 square mile range and again there is no charge for the use of this emergency service.

Evacuation Routes

Currituck, North Carolina

From the Currituck Mainland: Travel north along US 158/NC 168 to Virginia, or west to Elizabeth City via US 158 or NC 34. Those stranded in Knotts island should travel using NC 615 into mainland Virginia. View Map of Evacuation Routes for this Location

Hampton Roads Facility Building 20-7

Proceed to the Hampton Roads airport and utilize private aircraft to evacuate the facility.

Emergency Supplies

Emergency Food and Supplies are available at Building 20-7 to include first aid, drinking water, food and emergency heat. Emergency clothing and other items are also available at this location as are sleeping amenities. Kerosene and Aviation fuel is also available 24X7. In addition Jet A fuel is available at this facility so you may safely use Jet A in the forced air heater if needed. Tanks are available at the facility for transport of Jet A. Emergency generators are also on site and this site has cellular Internet available.

The Moyock location has tanked gas for heating and propane for cooking in the event of an emergency, Gasoline and Kerosene for heating. This location also has emergency generators for use in the event of a loss of power.

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