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Jigsaw Aerial Platforms

Aerial Platforms provide our customers with a reliable and consistent method of getting aerial photography, measurement and RF propagation data, search and rescue as well as monitoring and news reporting. The most common use is to get imagery or signal data from known point or to provide inspections on power lines, dams or monitoring of wildlife.

Jigsaw Security has multiple "Remote Pilots" on staff. The remote pilot term is a term given to this class of UAS by the FAA. Our FAA certified remote pilots have years of experience working with drone platforms and are either former military or FAA certified civilian pilots.

See our section below concerning what you need to know about our Aerial Platform Service

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography is a natural progression in drone technology. Satellite imagery is typically old or very expensive for near real time aerial photo's and expensive to deploy. Drones can be deployed in minutes with up to data photography.

Aerial Photo's

Drones can be used to do long term and near range photography, mapping, sonar and infrared imagery very quickly and inexpensively. Rates starting at just $99.95 per hour.

Jigsaw Security offers fixed wing sensors and quad copter photography in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. We can be anywhere on the east cost within 24 hours and anywhere in the world within 72 hours.

For more information on our drone technology please call 800-447-2150 Ext. 6 and ask to speak with the watch floor.

Uses: Law Enforcement, Imagery, Measurements and Sensors, Crowd Control and Monitoring, Signals Interception and other specialized use cases.

Fixed Wing for long endurance
Quad Copter for specialized footage
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