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Enterprise Site License

Software - PiHole™ DNS Appliance (On Prem or Cloud)

Software - FirstWatch Sensor - Flexible Network Response

Threat Intelligence - Jigsaw Threat Intelligence

Support - Dedicated Support SOC and toll free dedicated line


Whole Network Protection is $39995.95 Per Year

Demo Request

Register below and we will schedule a Zoom demo of our solution. We will demonstrate our DNS solution and provide a quote for services and answer any questions you may have about how we empower managed service providers to be highly effective in a cost effective manner. 

Is your company based outside the US?
Do you manage your own DNS servers?

We look forward to partnering with you!

Enterprise Site Licensing is available for managed security providers. This license allows you to protect your network and all of your clients using Jigsaw products. The licensing fee is charged annually and there is no additional cost to your organization. You can resell Jigsaw Security protection and customers are only charged an inclusion fee annually. The MSP is charged an annual fee of $39.995.95 and each customer of the MSP must pay an annual inclusion fee for monitoring of $1295.00 per customer for subscription for each web monitoring console. 

Products Covered by the MSP Site License

  • Jigsaw Security Threat Intelligence (Cloud or Local)

  • Jigsaw Security FirstWatch Sensors (VM, Virtualbox, Amazon or VMWare) - Unlimited Instances

  • Jigsaw Security Managed PiHole™ DNS Appliance

  • Customized Technical Support and dedicated SOC access

  • Ability to do RFI (Request for Information) on all threat intelligence 

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