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Jigsaw Small Business Solution - Managed Security

Jigsaw Solutions for small businesses are custom tailored to fit your security budget. Our small business solutions are cost effective ways to provide security to customers that cannot afford a full time security staff.

What's Included in the Small Business Solution?

Our small business solution works by deploying a sensor (or two) at your location. This sensor replaces your Internet Service Providers DNS server or works along-side your ISP DNS servers. Workstations request Internet resources and the Jigsaw appliance monitors Internet request for threats in real-time. When something bad happens an email alert or console alert is sent to Jigsaw Security staff that monitor your network. Customers may login to the Jigsaw portal to view and respond to all security events in their network without having to deploy a costly big data or SEIM with expensive licensing. You get the benefit of using Jigsaw Security monitoring solutions without the expense.

How many computers can you monitor with the Small Business Solution?

The Small Business Solution is geared to protecting up to 255 computers, server or laptops.

What is the annual cost of the Small Business Solution with 24x7 Monitoring?

The cost of the Small Business Security offering is $24995.95 per year. The solution includes licensing for 2 sensors, up to 25 logins to the Jigsaw Security Cloud to monitor your security events, Jigsaw Threat Intelligence feeds into your sensors and a dedicated phone number to call for assistance. In addition Jigsaw Security will monitor for leaked credentials, stolen data and the Dark Web as part of your subscription. All this for less than the cost of hiring a single security analyst. This solution is also available from our trusted MSSP resellers. In addition customers may also wish to purchase up to 5 Million dollars in Cyber Security Insurance through a trusted third party provider and receive a substantial discount on premiums if covered under the Jigsaw Small Business Solution.

What about incident response?

The Small Business Solution does not include incident response as part of our offering. However customers under contract will receive a discounted hourly rate to assist in the event of a Cyber Security incident.

How does the Small Business Security Solution protect my network from malware and viruses?

The Small Business Solution provides RPZ DNS services included based on the Jigsaw Security Intelligence feed. Bad websites and malware are automatically dropped or disrupted when they attempt to infect your network devices.

Get Started Today for Only $1995.95/Mo.

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