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Use Cases in Government  by Kevin Wetzel - Jigsaw Security Enterprise

A review of the Jigsaw Analytic Platform in Government Use Cases

The Jigsaw Analytic Platform can be used to build out Government use cases, information libraries or to research specific keywords, terms and analytics. To find out how Jigsaw providers innovative solutions for government and download the whitepaper below. Jigsaw Security provides fault tolerant, redundant big data systems for Government use with our Jigsaw Analytics Platform for Government Edition. This software includes software compatible with and in current use by the Intelligence Community (IC), Law Enforcement and State and Local Governments requiring a big data enabled solution. In fact we have built in several GOTS offerings and programs to connect to virtually any Windows or Linux based Government computing platform and since we have already integrated the connectors you can be up and running quickly and under budget. 

Jigsaw Security is a firm believer in the power of open source software! We includes products such as Accumulo, Safemove, Replicator and the Ozone Widget Framework (OWF) in our products. Jigsaw Security is a Government Integrator of Open Source Software. 

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