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jigsaw tools and products

The following products and services are either Jigsaw intellectual property or open source projects that we have contributed to. In addition to each product or application, we have listed the development status and usage statistics for products when they are known. Jigsaw Security provides commercial, open source and customized solutions based on our customers needs.

Jigsaw Security Analytic Platform Version 5.3

The Jigsaw Analytic Platform is a Hadoop and Elasticsearch based central logging, intelligence and collection platform. The system is used by MSP's (Managed Security Providers) to monitor the usage of Jigsaw products in customer environments. The platform works with our compliance tools, FirstWatch SM sensor, threat intelligence feeds as well as document and feed management. The Jigsaw Analytic Platform contains over 2PB of data and is used to house data used to protect not only Jigsaw Security resources but also to look for customer leaked data to include passwords and intellectual property theft and similar use cases.

Created: 2014     User Base: 13 Licenses     Type: Commercial     JTMM Phase: 1,2,3,4,5 & 6  

OSINT-X Intelligence Collection

The Jigsaw OSINT-X product allows for collection and long term storage of open source data from websites, RSS feeds, the dark web, Twitter, Facebook and other sources of information that our analyst require long term storage. This application is open source with proprietary Jigsaw Security components to extend the usefulness of the product for analyst use.

Created: 2010     User Base: 3 Users     Type: Open Source, Proprietary     JTMM Phase: 1,2

Jigsaw FirstWatch (sm) IDS Sensor

Jigsaw Security FirstWatch is an Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention hybrid that is logically connected to our Jigsaw Security Threat Intelligence and RPZ subscription service to passively or actively protect workstations and servers on an entire network. FirstWatch built in DNS server replaces your existing DNS servers to actively provide insight as to what web locations your systems are accessing.

Several versions including surveillance versions are available. Proprietary heuristics detection models and machine learning detect malware even without signatures. 

Created: 2015            Type: Open Source , Commercial Plugin's     JTMM Phase: 2,4,5

Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP)

Jigsaw Security utilizes the Maltrail Information Sharing Platform (MISP) to deliver threat intelligence to our customers and to our automated sensor FirstWatch (sm) platform.

Not only do we utilize the platform but we host many instances of MISP for companies that wish to start their own intelligence collection programs. There are over 480 different organizations that we are aware of that are sharing indicators with MISP in some form or fashion.

Type: Open Source with Proprietary Big Data Layer and Ingest Plugins     JTMM Phase: 2,4,5

Jigsaw Security TAXII Server

Jigsaw Security operates a TAXII Server that allows our MISP instances to receive intelligence and IOC data from our business partners and authorized users such as Alienvault, Threatstream Anomali, DHS, IBM X-Force and other providers.

Type: Internal Processes     TAXII Feed: 12     Users: 4     JTMM Phase: 2,4,5

GPS Gate Tracking Server

Jigsaw Security utilizes GPS Gate to provide GPS based services to our security focused customers. We track critical deliveries, personnel, vehicles and assets using this technology. While this is not a Jigsaw product, we provide services around this commercially available product to many customers and organizations. Is used in Phase 1 to track assets and Phase 6 to ensure compliance with policies.

Type: Commercially Licensed through the developer of GPS Gate     JTMM Phase: 1,3,5,6

Nationwide WiMAX Wireless License and Communications

Jigsaw Security utilizes licensed WiMAX based technology to provide communications in areas where there is no broadband and to provide communications in the event of natural disasters and emergencies. Our FCC license WQVC235 is maintained and available for use for security applications, disaster recovery and response and to eliminate carrier fee's for point to point and point to multipoint communications in the US and US territories.

Type: Licensed Wireless Services     Locations: Nationwide     Sites: 3     JTMM Phase: 5

Rapid Development - Agile Security Development

Jigsaw Security provides rapid application development and Agile security product development. Our developers continually work on projects from small single day projects to long term engagements. We have created customized software for the Health-care, Government and Communications industries.

Our rapid application development and agile development environments allow use to create products in hours not weeks or months.

Data Lock - Proprietary Encryption Utility

Jigsaw Security Data Lock is a high security proprietary encryption utility that ensures the security of your files as stored or in transit. One of the features of the program allow you to electronically send a portion of the encryption data and hand carry half of the encrypted payload. This ensures that only the person carrying the data can restore it, and that both encrypted package files must be present at the destination to reconstruct the original highly classified files or information. This utility is only available to US customers and is covered by ITAR. May not be exported outside the US.

Created: 2012     Type: Commercial     JTMM Phase: 1,5,6

Aerial Imagery Storage Platform - A Big Data Mapping Application

Jigsaw Security has created an aerial imagery storage and recall platform that is used with our drone mapping technologies. In addition to standard imagery, our drone deployments are able to create LIDAR imagery, Infrared as well as stitched imagery on map with recall.

Created: 2012     Type: Commercial     JTMM Phase: 2

Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model (JTMM)

The Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model is a trademarked model for providing cyber, physical and human security elements in the enterprise. This model is how we as a managed security provider take care of our customer needs. In addition to the 6 phases of protection, a separate training and certification is available in the Jigsaw University.

Created: 2018     Type: Commercial Asset, Trademarked

Jigsaw Security Lockdown Utility

The Jigsaw Security Lockdown (and audit) Utility allows Jigsaw Security professionals to test for compliance of ITSG, HITRUST, STIG and other standard configurations. This utility also ensures that deviations are documented and signed paperwork is generated for each administrators allowing organizations to pass their STIG and ITSG audits by documenting any deviations on each system in the audited environment. Provides secure environments by auditing and locking down systems, creates documentation of procedures and shows policy compliance.

Created: 2008     Type: Commercial Tool     JTMM Phase: 1,4,5,6

Jigsaw University

The Jigsaw University provides courses in security, awareness and compliance. In addition we provide 6 levels of JTMM (Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model) training as well as certification for the JTMM program. In addition we have a selection of training materials approved by the North Carolina Private Protective Services board for CE credits and online as well as in person training classes.

Created: 2018     Type: Training     JTMM Phase: 1,6

3D Printing and Parts Fabrication

Jigsaw Security can handle your 3D printing and design/development. Just like our rapid software Agile development, we can rapidly build and ship your 3D parts. We can print in ABS plastic, PLA plastic as well as carbon fiber. We can also produce high quality plastic parts with 7000 psi strength ratings.

Let the Jigsaw Security team create your custom designed parts and help you to take concepts to the design stage, fabrication and production stage quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Started: 2018     Type: Fabrication

Laser Engraving and Marking

In addition to our 3D printing, Jigsaw Security can also laser etch and cut small parts for fabrication. Normally this type of laser is used for engraving and marking of parts. We can 3D print your parts and then laser engrave logo's or other detail on each parts such as copyright notices, logos, words and text, etc.

Started: 2018     Type: Fabrication

Patents and trademarks

Jigsaw Security filed and received a service mark for the "Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model" for application 87910365 which was approved for posting on 28 August 2018. The Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model is used as the basis for how Jigsaw Security provides security to our customers and clients. The model is available for licensing through Jigsaw Security's Operations Center. For more information please call 800-447-2150 for licensing and approved use of the service mark and process.

Approved: 2018     Type: Trademark - Service Mark

Jigsaw Security is in the process of filing a patent for 5G management software and monitoring of mobile and remote networks. The patent will cover methods of moving large amounts of data using compression and management techniques that make 5G even more attractive for moving large amounts of data more efficiently and one to many management technology.

Filed: 2020     Type: Trademark - Patent

Patents and trademarks

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