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Jigsaw Industry Expertise

Jigsaw Security provides services in several spaces. Below you will see a list of specific industries in which we have very specific expertise and training.

A brief description of past performance and a general overview of each industry is included for reference. For more specific information please contact corporate and request our capabilities statement.

Requesting our Capabilities Statement:

To obtain an official capabilities statement please call (800)447-2150 Ext. 6 and make your request by phone or use the Chat with us! feature on the website.


Jigsaw Security utilizes aviation to be able to rapidly respond to our customers. Our aviation team is based out of Hagerstown, Maryland and Hampton Roads, Virginia. We have corporate aircraft as well as Unmanned Aerial systems capabilities including sensors, photography and RF acquisition. Our research and development team believes that aviation can make our company stronger by allowing us to respond to customers, travel within budget and to provide services leveraging the convenience of personal and corporate aviation.

3D Printing

3D printing allows for rapid prototyping as well as supply chain support through the ability to rapidly create needed parts, components and circuit boards utilizing newer 3D printing technologies.


By providing all types of security, Jigsaw Security can protect your people, networks, infrastructure and provide intelligence services to ensure we have adequate security plans. Utilizing multiple types of security in your protection and corporate planning will enable a more secure network, workplace, travel and protection of corporate proprietary information, processes and procedures. We do this by taking a holistic approach to security that incorporates all aspects of security that are typically overlooked by our competition.


Jigsaw Security provides intelligence in the cyber security space, critical infrastructure as well as Government and corporate customers. Our intelligence analyst are former IC, military or Government employees and contractors that have years of experience in the IC.

Intelligence improves year over year and as new technology is discovered we incorporate those advancements into our intelligence platforms and procedures.

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