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Jigsaw Investigative Services Division

Jigsaw Security Enterprise Inc. has complied with Chapter 74C of the General Statutes of North Carolina to provide licensed Private Protective Services and is registered with BPN 006078P8. Jigsaw Security Enterprise Inc employs licensed Private Investigators and Electronic Countermeasures Practitioners that are aproved by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety PPSB Board.

Cyber & Computer Forensics

Jigsaw Security provides Cyber Security support and Computer Forensics to private, corporate and Government clients. Our forensics experts are called in prosecution, defense and in validation and certification of evidence used for administrative, legal and criminal cases.

We use industry leading standard products from AccessData, Encase and Autopsy software. Full imaging and collection services are available 24X7 in all 50 states with a 24 hour response guarantee.

Legal Investigation

Jigsaw Security provides legal preparation in regards to criminal defense cases. Our investigators bring over 20 years of experience to the table and have allowed defendants to receive a fair trial, have their cases reviewed judicially and have uncovered evidence to exonerate those incarcerated individuals that were wrongly convicted.

In some cases fee's are reduced or eliminated or may be covered with grants and third party payment by non-profit organizations dedicated to the protection of the innocent.

Corporate Investigation

Jigsaw Security is frequently hired to assist with corporate investigations of employee wrong-doing, employment law and support, employee monitoring and validation, forensics for legal action, wrongful termination suits and corporate monitoring support of employee activity with corporate risk as a focus. In addition our corporate investigations allow us to provide employment background testing for drugs and criminal background reviews.

Domestic Investigation

Jigsaw Security works in the area of family law to include custody, safety of parties, infidelity, child support and custody and financial review. Our domestic investigative experience in family law has afforded us the opportunity to recover children abducted by a non custodial parent, to testify concerning the safety during visitation and in proving infidelity when one party was not sure if that was in fact occurring. We handle domestic investigations with care and confidentiality and are very experienced in this these complicated cases.

Additional Investigative Services

Additional legal services available through our investigative division. Our standard rates are $75 per hour plus expenses.

  • Loss Prevention - Stores, employees, hotels and corporate environments

  • Insurance Investigation - Theft of services and benefits, workers compensation reviews

  • Surveillance - Land, Sea or Air - Jigsaw Surveillance solutions ensure you get evidence using the latest technologies

  • Financial Investigations - We follow the money trail and document financial findings

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures - Locating, disabling and documenting covert listening devices

  • Personal Protection and Executive Protection - Movement and security of high profile individuals

  • Aerial Platforms - Where legal aerial surveillance is available by aircraft or using drones (may require authorization)

  • GPS Tracking and Electronic Monitoring - Where legal we use the latest technologies and services

Other investigative services may also be conducted from time to time.

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