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Introducing Jigsaw Cloud

Jigsaw Security Cloud Hosting

Cloud Based Threat Intel

No longer do you need to buy a costly solution to research threat intelligence. Using the Jigsaw Cloud product allows your team to do research with Jigsaw Threat Intelligence to help you determine if an action is a real risk to your enterprise. Use our threat intelligence, honeypot data, customer reports, MISP data as well as authorized commercial feeds to protect your end users.

Automated Log Matching to Threat Intelligence

Leverage the Jigsaw Cloud Platform to analyze your logs and determine what is happening in your network. Upload your files in a secure analysis zone where they are analyzed and discarded and receive a report of all the threats identified in your log data. The Jigsaw Matchstick Analytic is our cloud based matching utility that looks for threats in your data and then reports to your own customized dashboard or responds via email.

DNS Detection Module

Forward your DNS logs and our DNS detection module will identify known and unknown malware using 14 different techniques.

Jigsaw Cloud is a new way of monitoring networks without the expense or need to deploy a cloud in your environment. Save time and money and get real results today! Call 800-447-2150 for details.

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