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Figure 1: A Jigsaw Laser etcher is marking a production part with a logo

3D Printing

In today's world companies usually outsource all of their idea's to other companies for fabrication. Instead of taking that route, Jigsaw Security decided to bring some of the technology in house so that we can get our products to market quicker.

3D printing allows us to create prototypes of our designs, print other companies designs that do not have the technology to do so on their own or to create proof of concept objects quickly and cost effectively. While 3D printing is not new, some of the technology behind our choice of hardware allows us to print objects much larger than what was previously available. Currently we can produce any part in ABS, PLA or graphite up to 10 x 10 x 12 inches in size. This allows our team to build items without having to wait on them bringing products to market or to investors much quicker.

The Jigsaw Security team can assist with your Research and Development efforts by providing the following consulting services:

  • 3D Printing

  • Laser Etching and Engraving

  • Custom Software Development

  • Circuit Board Etching and Design

  • CAD and STL file creation

  • Patents, Trademarks and IP Protection

What sets Jigsaw Security apart from our competition is that we can create prototypes quickly and inexpensively since all of our development, design, testing and prototype creation is done in house. We may be a security company but our highly technical R&D team can  assist you by taking your ideas and concepts and turning them into real usable prototypes.

Figure 2: A Jigsaw 3D printer makes a server face plate for a Jigsaw product.

Concepts, prototypes and production

Jigsaw Security can take your idea from concept to CAD drawing, patent and trademark the design, create prototypes for showing investors the products and finally creation of production ready STL files for sending to bulk printers for production. This will greatly save companies in research and development time and will create superior products that can be updated quickly and easily.

Helping Small Business

Many times we have heard if only we had a way to make this. Well we got tired of hearing that from our partners so we decided to do something about it. As part of our involvement with technology incubators we will provide assistance to members of NC Tech, HRIC or AFCEA with prototyping or developing their designs. Click chat below to talk with an engineer and we will assist you in getting your design created. This option creates a method for R&D with members of that organization to create prototypes at cost without long delays or huge R&D production cost.


  • Touch Screen with temperature monitoring

  • Laser Engraving for wood, plastic, leather, paper and laser cutting for plastic (Currently Offline)

  • Filament detectors

  • WIFI Control

  • Copy Printing: dual extruders can print two objects at one time cutting print time in half

Place OrdeR for 3d Printing

Jigsaw Security prints your orders and uses Treatstock to receive your STL files for printing. Although the normal timeframe is 5-7 days, Jigsaw Security prints the same day we receive your order. All orders received prior to 10AM EST will print the same day. We prefer STL files for printing but can accept PLY or 3MP files as well. Just message us on the in site messaging and we will get your items printed and shipped. 

Contact: (800)447-2150 Ext. 1        To contact Jigsaw simply send a message in our chat window!

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