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Managed Security Services

Not only do we develop tools and products but we also use our tools to provide managed services to our clients. Today Jigsaw monitors and protects over a hundred entities and brands through our managed security services model. We have a unique advantage in that we have the tools and expertise to fully manage the security of clients through automation and aggregation of data.

Security Operations Center (Direct Line): (252) 232-1533

Customers can reach the SOC directly by dialing the number above to report incidents, request assistance or schedule operational task. The SOC is available 24X7.

Services provided by our MSS Team

  • Penetration Testing

  • Security Auditing and TSCM Surveys (Telephone, Computer, Cellular, Signals, Bug Detection and Defense, etc.)

  • Firewall and Security Device Alerting and Dashboards

  • Incident Response

  • Insurance and Disaster Planning

  • Executive Protection

  • Customized Security Plans

  • SCIF and Security Facilities Auditing and Preparation

  • Temporary Security Services and Offsite Security Advance Teams

For a quote for our MSS offering please call and schedule a free consultation. We can do more with less utilizing technology!

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