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Partners, Recommendations and Company we keep

Word of mouth and continued performance ensures successful deployments and engagements. As such we would like to present the company we keep, businesses, individuals and organizations that allow Jigsaw to be successful. The following are highly recommended by Jigsaw Security.

Partners and Company We Keep

The following entities are either official partners or are currently in our working groups or highly recommended professionals in our industry.







Organizational Memberships

Hampton Roads Innovation Collaboration - Technology Hampton Roads (THR) is a 501c6 established in the 90s to advance the mission of technology business advancement in the region.

World Institute for Security Enhancement - A highly skilled group of individuals that provide training, consulting and security related assistance to Government and corporate clients.

Technology and incubators

Past Performance

Jigsaw Security provided a method of securing workstations that included securing them in a very compressed time frame to ensure DISA STIG compliance. The utility that we created was owned by Noridian but we used a similar model to create a compliance framework which became our Jigsaw Lockdown Utility. 

Jigsaw Security worked as a consultant to create a process for migrating the Defense Messaging System from Autodin over to the DNS architecture. We were working in the technology insertion lab.

Jigsaw Security created a fully encrypted end to end transcription solution, development of proprietary encryption and a transfer protocol for securely processing transcripts used in the medial field.

Jigsaw Security provided HIPAA and DR planning to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

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