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OSINT-X Framework Improvement

Jigsaw Security today announced an improved version of our OSINT-X analyst ingest framework. For those that are not familiar Jigsaw analyst are constantly tracking news, threat intelligence, indicators of compromised, media, social media and other sources for information that may be of interest to our customers and clients.

The New OSINT-X Framework

Jigsaw has been using the OSINT-X Framework which is open source and proprietary to collect full text articles and information for analyst review. What we noticed is that in some cases news articles are removed and no longer available. This new version fixes that by pulling the full text of the articles for long term storage and review.

This improvement makes it easy to reference items that disappear from the Internet. A good reference for this is when a hacker post personal information to text sites such as pastebin. Once the information is reported as abuse and Pastebin removes the information, we had no way of recovering that information to see what data was contained in the original post. Using the OSINT-X framework now allows us to archive all of this type of data regardless of the online state of data making it easier for analyst to find our customers data more easily even when it has been removed from the Internet but may have been cached by other systems and available to others (including us) when a takedown request has been executed on the source of the data.

The OSINT-X framework provides an improved capability for our analyst to better allow our MSSP to manage our customers.

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