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How Jigsaw does Government

Jigsaw Security has been working in the Government space for many years. Our team is made up of retired Intelligence Analyst from Army, Navy, FBI Task Force, Air Force and Congressional investigative personnel. Our team has over 100 years combined experience in Government so we know the intricacies of Government operations and provide tools to help Government do their jobs at a cost savings to tax payers.

Regardless of the branch of Government we treat all Government customers as priorities as we know how challenging things can be at the Federal and State level for investigators. Our network forensics capabilities and SIGINT experience lends itself well to the needs of a rapidly advancing Government forced to operate on smaller budgets with limited resources. Our tools are agile developed to allow modular and quick customization of tools for our clients quickly allowing us to meet our clients needs in shorter time than the competition. While we understand the need for large Primes managing contract our small team of developers lends itself well to being an extension of Government operations allowing rapid application development to meet critical needs.

Let's go over the tools are Jigsaw's disposal.

Rapid Windows Development Toolkits

Since 2005 Jigsaw Security's founders have been creating tools and software applications for use in Security, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Forensics and tracking of suspected terrorist. In many cases our clients may be restricted to the Windows Operating Systems and our team is able to develop many types of applications very quickly.

Some of our previous applications on Windows include:

  • Customized Encryption

  • Customized Security Proxy Applications

  • SSH Jump Server for recording and monitoring Administrative functions for auditing

  • Framework for Auditing DoD and Healthcare Networks, Servers and Appliances

  • SMS communications hub for sending out alerts when conditions are met in an enterprise

  • Weather and Aviation related planning tools

  • Sensor management for security of IP based networks

These are just a few of the projects we have had over the years with many of them lasting only weeks. We know that it doesn't make sense for us to develop things quickly but we usually get the call when development teams are about to blow a hard deadline for an audit and they need a solution now.

SDR (Software Defined Radio) and TSCM Applications

It's no secret that Jigsaw Security is a lead in TSCM operations. We are one of only a few licensed to teach TSCM courses for licensing in North Carolina and have provided training to Private Investigators, Corporations and Law Enforcement. In some cases our clients require very sophisticated software to monitor radio signals or to stop information from being stolen so it's only fitting that our development teams would develop tools in this area.

Some of our previous applications in the TSCM and SDR Space:

  • Creation of a SDR text to Big Data ingest mechanism

  • Distributed SDR software for monitoring traffic and centralizing data in a Big Data system

  • Mass Collection of signals traffic for storage and analysis during special events with security concerns

  • PHI/PII monitoring of unsecured channels in auditing

Data Sharing and Collaboration

Jigsaw Security participates in several programs and with several entities to ensure the continued security of various computing and network environments. Our data is shared with the Department of Homeland Security Automated Information Sharing servers on a daily basis and we contribute to the CISCP program at DHS. In addition we have several entities that take advantage of our Threat Intelligence Platform that allows them to login and view threat information such as the Virginia DHRM team, telecommunications carriers such as Verizon and our own ISP NCBroadband, Banks and Financial institutions and others. Government Agencies regularly access Jigsaw resources through our sharing portals and we expect that in the future as we add additional capabilities that this will continue.

Our cyber security threat intelligence is regularly used by other Government CERT organizations to validate or protect their own networks and in threat hunting exercises.

Government Contracting

Jigsaw Security has worked as a subcontractor for several Primes on contracts at the FBI, NIH and within the Department of Defense. In addition we have an initiative this year to respond to Government RFI (Request for Information) and RFP (Request for Proposals) in the areas of computer development and Cyber Security functions. In addition we have partnered with several large Security Firms to provide resources in Joint Ventures focused on providing resources to the Government in Aviation, Security, Research and Development to name a few.

We have worked over the past year to bring new and innovative technologies into the Government arena through our SDVOSB initiative, Joint Ventures and Partner Agreements as well as through the direct bidding on contracts within our abilities. Over the next 12 to 24 months we will continue to better our procedures, processes and techniques in the Government space.

For more information on Jigsaw Security please feel free to call or contact us through our website. We are specifically looking for Military Intelligence Analyst and Cyber Security Analyst with Government experience to join our team as we grow our Government business line. Interested parties should call (800)447-2150. We are looking for strategic business relationships in the Government and commercial space. We believe that if you give your customers good value at reasonable rates and perform exceptionally that they will continue to leverage Jigsaw resources and benefit from our capabilities and leverage services and products to better secure, defend and monitor networks, personnel and terrorist activity.

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