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From our incubator... Social Media Gone Wild!

Here at Jigsaw we constantly get request for ingestion methodologies for a number of websites, data sources and inputs from all over the Internet. As part of our ongoing technology we started working earlier this week on a social media aggregation that will allow our customers to ingest data of interest into the Jigsaw Enterprise Analytic Platform.

Today data is typically out on the Internet in plain site with value in the details. Using the new technology known as "Corpus", Jigsaw can ingest millions of data points per day to make sense of social media and public information posted on the Internet.

From marketing to high valued targeting of individuals, this technology is proving to be in high demand with many use cases making it vital for business tracking of customers, criminals and for similar use cases. The new product known as "Corpus" is making it simple for our customers to be able to follow habits and trends on a number of platforms.

The latest modules developed include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with over 104 more social media platforms on the roadmap. Each source of data is being painstakingly tested to ensure that as providers change their methods, the "Corpus" program can continue to be effective in capturing data of interest.

Due to the distributed nature of the program it is possible to track millions of users of these platforms per hour. For more information on incubator projects please contact your sales representative and have them get a technical overview scheduled.

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