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Document Processing in the Jigsaw Analytic Platform

Document Viewer in the Jigsaw Analytic Platform

The new Jigsaw Analytic Platform document viewer parses out all of the document content using OCR, counting the paragraphs, words and other details of the document. The document viewer can process thousands of documents per minute making the contents of common formats like DOC, PDF, TXT, XLS and other formats (190+ in total) directly into the JIgsaw Platform for analysis.

This capability allows you to fully index and find content, perform analytics on details of documents, located classified or other document markings in content, search by author or any other attribute of the document.

This new modules is included in version 5.6 of the Platform software. Earlier users of version 5.5 must upgrade to the latest version for document processing functionality as it has not been added to the earlier versions. Version 5.5 reaches end of life 1 June, 2018 and we highly encourage all users to upgrade to version 5.6 prior to that date.

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