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Jigsaw Security applies for Night Operation Part 107 Waiver

As part of our continued push into the public sector and security space, the team at Jigsaw Security has applied for a part 107 waiver or night UAS operations for public safety. This capability will be used in the event of man made or natural disasters, weather related events, search and rescue and other safety of life related activities.

In short this is a trial to determine how hard it will be to obtain and maintain waivers for airspace coordination for our UAS platforms.

Over the last few years, Jigsaw Security has been actively utilizing drones in our security missions to include search and rescue as well as in measurements and scientific applications. This is the first waiver that we have applied for but we suspect that as more and more commercial operators begin utilizing the technology that this will be a less frequent event.

In addition to our current operations, we are planning on testing alternative imagery types and integration into the national airspace system using the B4UFLY mobile application, part 107 waivers when required and in coordination with ongoing commercial programs being implemented by the FAA.

Currently Jigsaw Security providers the following drone (UAS) related services:

  • Search and Rescue

  • Signals Acquisition and Platform Testing

  • Law Enforcement Support and Application Development

  • Commercial Aerial Imagery

  • On Demand Aerial Imagery and Mapping

  • Training in Disaster Recover use of Drones in the Jigsaw University

  • Introduction to Drone Technologies for Business in the Jigsaw University

  • Onsite Training for Commercial Drone Usage

Aerial Imagery

For more information on UAS operations please visit the JIgsaw Security website at

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