Data sharing with ISAC's, DHS, and other security vendors

As companies grow in the security space one thing is certain, we can't go it alone. Over the last several years we have been working hard to integrate not only Jigsaw Security's data sources to but ensure we are contributing to the community.

Sharing the Love

In short the information we have can't do anybody any good if we simply hold onto it. More and more we are sharing information with ISACS, other security firms and DHS as a few examples of ways in which we can contribute to the overall security of our customers, future customers and the community at large. Jigsaw Security operates in the security space, telecommunications, Government contracting as well as manufacturing of security products.

We work with US-CERT, ICS-ISAC, Alienvault OTX, Threatstream Anomali, Threatconnect, IBM X-Force and other vendors to get the word out on important security issues. We feel that there is enough work in the community that we can all work together and succeed.

Working with MSP's

One other area where we have been providing support in information as well as software solutions is the managed security market. We realize that managed security providers are in the unique place within organizations to really make a difference and to be able to detect and stop threats from causing harm to their customers.

By providing analytic tools, software and then incorporating Jigsaw Security data and the data of our partners and like minded industry experts, we are able to actually stop many attacks from occurring. The outsourcing of network security is a huge decision for most companies but one that can reap huge benefits. In many cases the MSP is more aware of security issues than the corporations they are protecting, have more methods of disrupting malicious activity and can provide reporting to show effectiveness of security measures.

During auditing one of the things that companies miss is the ability to show how effective controls are and what controls are working and what is ineffective. For this reason any MSP worth their salt needs to be able to utilize reporting frameworks that can access real-time or near real-time data as things are occurring on the network. Jigsaw Security brings the Jigsaw Analytic Platform to the table which provides not only historical data, but also retains logging and packet data so that companies can look back and figure out what happened and what controls caused any failures that may be realized. This quick identification of failures then becomes the task to resolve any security shortcomings that may be identified using the historical data.

The same platform does predictive analytics to show what may occur based on the same historical data, allowing the MSP to know where to focus their efforts in securing the customer.

How you can help

In short you can help by either signing up to a managed security provider that has our solutions (several of them are listed below) or by contributing anonymous data. If you are interested in working with Jigsaw Security to provide the next level of service to your customers reach out to our sales team and schedule a demo. We would be more than happy to show you how we support our MSP customers and their clients with the most innovative security solutions on the market. You can read about all of our security products in our portfolio which is available here.

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