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New DNS Blocking Management Page in the Jigsaw Analytic Platform

The new RPZ event panel in the Jigsaw Security Enterprise Platform. Find out how often your DNS firewalls are dropping request to malicious sites. This capability is now included in all Firstwatch sensors and can be used to deny threat actors access to your machines by blocking payloads used to infect workstations.

Customers attempting to access malware sites will be presented with a screen such as this that alerts the user that the site is malicious. This prevents infections from occurring.

The use of RPZ zones has been available since 2010 but is a rarely used feature in most DNS implementations. Why not add another layer of protection to your blocking strategies. Customers can subscribe to the DNS sinkhole update service as part of your subscription to our threat intelligence. To request access email the SOC and request a username and password on our update server. Updates are handled daily as new threat intelligence information is updated in our platform.

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