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Platform does not matter - But the data is critical

Over the last 5 years we have been working to bring various platforms online in Government, critical infrastructure and other industries. As part of our integration, we have noted that because we utilize open standards (STIX, XML, JSON, CSV, STIX, STIX2, RPZ as well as Suricata, Bro and Snort IDS sensor rules). This wide variety of output formats from our threat intelligence ensures that our system is compatible with most (if not all security products).

Even antivirus and IDS systems can ingest basic textual data to provide additional protections. One of the recent comments we have seen is that our software was out of date. Actually the software is not out of date and is based on the current version of Lucene which is what our platforms run on (Lucene 8.1). We write this post with one thing in mind, to let our customers know that we follow open standards and that we fully support Lucene. What this means for customers is that it doesn't matter if you run Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Splunk or any other data streaming platform, we are compatible.

Our internal OSINT-X ingestion framework continues to grow and expand. With well over 500 data sources, our system probably has more data available than the intelligence agencies of most countries. This is a key differentiator in that we don't have to rely on outside agencies to perform much of the work we do at Jigsaw to keep our customers safe. Our system is fully integrated with many systems operated by Government, media, travel, security and other industries.

What we do know at Jigsaw Security is that we have never had a customer breached. Since we released the first version (version 2) all of our customers have enjoyed the peace associated with knowing their networks were protected and being adequately defended against attackers. We have undergone significant changes over the last 5 years but our core business function and value has not changed.

Updated Ingest Platform

On July 21st, 2019 - Jigsaw Security updated our ingest platform to support direct integration with Government and industry systems. This removed the need for having an analyst review data prior to it being pushed to our partners increasing our response time. The OSINT-X platform is still tracking many update sites to include pastebin, the dark web, github, and other major websites for information of value to organizations.

Cooperation between Government and industry is key to leveraging the tools and processes we have incorporated at Jigsaw Security. These partners can get data to those that need it quickly and efficiently increasing our capabilities in defending this country we love so much.

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