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Jigsaw Security provides Pi-Hole Blocklist

Jigsaw Security has implemented a blocklist for domains that can be used with Pi-Hole to block malicious malware, ads and C2 callbacks using the open source Pi-Hole software. Customers that wish to use PiHole can download the software and install it. The solution works on Linux, Unix and Raspberry Pi hardware and allows you to inexpensively disrupt malware and infections, callbacks and bad traffic on small home networks.

In addition to providing this solution, Jigsaw Security can host your Pi-Hole devices on our cloud infrastructure and keep the blocklist up to date for you. Customers also have the ability to login to their personal Pi-Hole device and administer their own whitelist and blacklist. The hosted option is available for $14.95 per month. For more information contact Jigsaw Security through the chat feature on our website or call 800-447-2150 to get your hosted Pi-Hole solution.

A look at the dashboard for Pi-Hole with Jigsaw Security Threat Intelligence blocking enabled

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