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Preface: It should be noted that this is an opinion piece and not the official stance of Jigsaw Security Enterprise Incorporated. This piece is being published on behalf of a data scientist acting on their own and in no way represented the opinion or official stance of Jigsaw Security Enterprise Incorporated.

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It's no secret, there's big money in the analytics arena. So much money in fact that some companies bring in Billion's of dollar while the company operates at a continual loss. In this case were referring to Palantir (of which I am intimately familiar). The company is large, but 21% of the companies budget comes from just 2 Government agencies. This should tell you right away that the software is really heavily funded by Government users. What it doesn't tell you is that the software is a disaster when compared to alternatives that are available from Jigsaw Security and other data science firms.

As many people know the software (Palantir) was initially supported to speed the time of doing link analysis within datasets, ranging from signals intelligence sources and reporting from confidential informants. The software was widely used in US conflicts (where I first was exposed to it) as well as in some Government agencies and a few corporate entities. Speaking of entities, Palantir does the entity thing, the software picks up on people, places, objects, actions, things, you know, important things but then again so does Apache Tika (which is 100% free).

I find it hella odd that this company would be paid so much money for a software package that does the same thing ours does but they get paid $1.2 Billion dollars from the US and allied countries. Where is all of that money going?

Why I don't like Palantir

Let's be straight, Palantir is storing most if not all of their data and they achieve their processing power from Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. This means all of that highly targeted data is stored in an offsite system. The most important thing for us to do is keep control of that data, to be able to ensure that the proper controls are placed on the data, that the proper clearance exist to protect that data and that the data is view only and doesn't leave our network or device boundaries, THIS is why I don't like Panlantir. It's not that the product doesn't work, it does. But more and more data being stored in third party system is just an invitation for abuse and unauthorized access by AWS or Azure employees with access to the servers where the data is stored and hosted.

A look at Palantir - Like Analysis and Entity Tracking

A look at Jigsaw Security's Intelligence Platform

Look either tools will get the job done but our processing and data stays on your network. In short both tools work but I just like our approach better plus we don't cost our clients millions of dollars...

Until next time... Enjoy your link analysis.... We just do it better, on premise and way cheaper with larger dataset processing...


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