The Epoch Times - Excellent reporting on COVID-19

Disclaimer: The Epoch Times is an American group of Chinese Americans associated with the Falun Gong spiritual movement. This reporting focuses solely on the scientific evidence and facts surrounding the Covid-19 incident which is ongoing at this time.

While much of the world is in lockdown, researchers and analyst the world over are searching for clues to try and figure out the origins of the virus,

As part of our review of this incident, all of the intelligence cited and referenced in the video checks out. This reporting makes a compelling case against China's continued malicious activity.

Customers with access to the Jigsaw Intelligence system can search for full text of all of the reporting cited in this video. Not only do the peer reviewed documents check out but the science is also very well explained. It's time to hold China accountable. It is not known if China released this by accident or if this was released on purpose but it's impossible to know now that the gag order has been employed by the Chinese government.


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