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Request Access to Jigsaw Threat Intelligence

Account Request: Accounts are provided to Law Enforcement, Government, Institutional and some entities such as security researchers without cost. Not all request for access will be approved. Terms of service are included below and all users of our systems must follow the Terms of Service and restrictions at all times. You may be required to provide identification by email or fax to validate your identity and may also be required to sign a statement of understanding for the terms of service to access Jigsaw Intelligence Resources. If you agree to these terms please fill out the form below. Accounts are created daily and you will receive an email from upon successful registration. Manual approval by Jigsaw staff is required as well as validation so be aware that this process is NOT automated.

Please fill out all information accurately and completely

Please allow 24 hours for processing. A Jigsaw staff member will contact you for verification shortly.

Cloud Based Access to Jigsaw Data: Customers requiring cloud based access must establish a VPN account with Jigsaw Security MSSP services to access our cloud based threat intelligence data.

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