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Request for Information Request

Jigsaw Security operates a private fusion intelligence center that provides information to law enforcement, Jigsaw Customers, various ISAC organizations, Government and Critical Infrastructure. Those individuals that participate in the DHS AIS program, CISCP program or ISAC organizations and law enforcement may request additional information.

Capabilities Statement

It is critical for our users to understand what information our Fusion center holds. The following information may be requested using this form:

  • OSINT News Information

  • Twitter Information

  • Pastebin and Paste Site Dumps

  • Locate Information for US Persons and Businesses (International)

  • Phone and Reverse Phone Lookups

  • Driver License information to include plates, vehicles, professional operators

  • Pilots and Aviation Databases

  • Social Media Search and Validation

  • Email Address Entity Information

  • Utility and Billing Information

  • Mobile Phone and Billing Information

  • Global Watch List

  • US Businesses

  • World Businesses

  • Business Phones and Mobile Numbers

  • UCC Filings

  • Corporation Databases

  • Assets that include vehicles, water vessels, aircraft, property and property tax information, deeds, property assessments

  • Court Records to include foreclosures, liens, judgments, bankruptcies and Evictions

  • Criminal Records

  • Cyber Security Information

  • Indicators of Compromise

If your request falls into any of these categories or is a request for aerial photography, satellite imagery or investigative services and you are an authorized party please fill out the request for information form below.

Success! Message received.

Please note that it takes a minimum of 1 hour to receive request response. Those customers wishing to get an analyst to assist with the information request can call 800-447-2150 Ext. 6

AIS, DHS, CISCP users should call 252-232-1533 for immediate assistance or contact a Jigsaw representative at the NCCIC.

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