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Security and IT Consulting

Consulting Disciplines
  • Security Software and Engineering
  • Network Security and Design
  • RF Signal and Wireless Consulting
  • Custom Windows Software Development
  • Custom Linux Software Development
  • Network and Server Automation
  • Penetration Testing and Auditing
  • Tower Servicing and Construction
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Data Center Management
  • Managed Security Services Provider

Jigsaw Security provides IT and Security Consulting Services in the US, Canada and Europe. Our engineers, analyst and IT experts manage your project from concept through production. Using rapid application development and agile methodologies to ensure you get value for your project and a quick return on investment. We do not believe in long development life cycles and develop solutions that can be easily managed by our customers once our solutions are accepted for production.

Although we highly focus on security in IT we provide most IT services to include web servers, load balancing, disaster recovery systems, fully fault tolerant and redundant data centers, HIPAA and PII protection methodologies as well as desktop, server and network device configuration management. In addition Jigsaw Security provides supplemental staff for Government and Corporate clients and internships for those students wishing to get real world project experience.

Jigsaw Security provides IT services under our innovative JPM (Jigsaw Protection Model) Framework. All IT services are conducted with an emphasis on security during the development process leading to products that are highly secure from the start instead of adding security layers after development which leads to issues like buffer overflows and insecure code. By performing continual auditing of source code during all phases of development and deployment, insecure coding errors are eliminated.


Our current rates are between $95 and $245 per hour depending on requirements. All Jigsaw Security employees have ongoing background checks.

Commonly Supported Products, Applications and Services

  • Windows Domain Administration

  • Linux LDAP and System Administration

  • DISA STIG and NIST Auditing

  • Jigsaw Enterprise Platform

  • HP Network Automation

  • HP Server Automation

  • Apache products to include Sqoop, HBase, Accumulo, ZooKeeper, Oozie and HTTPD.

  • Elasticsearch and all related components

  • Github and Coding Repositories

  • Hardware from Dell, HP and Supermicro

  • Amazon AWS

  • Hadoop to include Cloudera and Apache

  • Microsoft Office Suite and Office 365 Administration and Support

  • Security Auditing and Consulting

  • Cisco Routing and Switching

  • GPS Technologies to include GPS Servers, Tracking, Programming and Configuration

  • Cellular Signal Propagation and Site Surveys for GSM, LTE, Wireless, Wimax

  • Custom Application and System Development for Ingest, Monitoring, High Availability of Services

  • Networking and Load Balancing

  • Certified Cloud Computing Engineering

Software and Cloud Technology Products

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