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Jigsaw Security Sponsored Training

  • Customized and Targeted Training

  • Small Class Size

  • Training at your location

  • Cost Effective Accredited Courses

  • Certification and Compliance Based

  • Seasoned Instructors

At Jigsaw Security we feature some of the best Cyber Security related training programs available today. Our instructors are licensed in their respective states and provide training on a variety of topics. We feature Online training as well as in person and accredited/board approved course in North Carolina.Some training courses are provided by SLC Security Services LLC or other authorized training partners. Our training covers areas to include Technical Surveillance Countermeasures certification and training, perimeter security courses, cyber security and forensics as well as intelligence collection and classification.

Available Courses

Corporate C-Suite Introduction to TSCM

This course provides an introduction to Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures. At Jigsaw Security we believe that too much emphasis is being given to cyber security and not enough attention to alternative attack vectors. This course will be truly eye opening to your Executive team and will surely bring you up to speed on topics such as the human attack vector, wireless and cellular attacks, network and facilities penetration, eavesdropping, electronic attacks and much more. This course is taught by Kevin Wetzel NCPI3908 168-CI through our PPSB Counterintelligence training program. Mr. Wetzel is one of only a handful of TSCM experts in the country authorized to teach TSCM material in both Government and North Carolina PPSB approved courses.

Cost: Free   Training Session: 4 Hours

SDR Software Defined Radio Use in TSCM

This course provides an introduction to SDR use in TSCM work. This course is developed as a good introduction to the use of software based radio equipment which has revolutionized the industry for locating and disabling covert listening devices, transmitters and similar threats.

Cost: $125.00   Training Session: 8 CE Credit Hours

NC PPSB Approved Electronic Countermeasures School

This course is designed to prepare those interested in obtaining an Electronic Countermeasures license in North Carolina or a Federal Facilities Audit baseline course for accrediting facilities. This course covers topics of interest to those entities building out secured communications facilities. This course is open to US Citizens Only. Background check required at time of registration. This course is covered under ITAR and as such all information presented, discussed or demonstrated may not be exported outside the United States. Course includes materials, manual and SDR Radio. Student must have a Windows or Linux based laptop for lab.

Cost: $1495.95 - 5 Day Course   Training Session: 40 Credit Hours + Additional Lab Time*

Lab May Incur Additional Cost

Aerial Use of Drones in Disaster Recovery

This course provides an introduction to the use of Phantom drones for use in Disaster Recovery. This course covers threats from breach of perimeter, floods, fires and threats to infrastructure. This course also covers the use of drones in search and rescue associated with natural disasters and security of facilities. Course prerequisites: All parties wishing to take this course must have a current UAS Remote Pilot License issued by the Federal Aviation Administration or a part 107 waiver.

Cost: $495.95   Training Session: 8 Hours

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