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TSCM Services and Training

NOTICE: Please note that these services and training are only available to U.S. Citizens only. TSCM is an item listed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and all training, documentation and devices are export controlled items. In order for foreign entities to receive training you must have a permit issued by the US Department of State. For information on the restrictions concerning Electronic Countermeasures you can visit the State Department website on this topic. All students that receive training in this discipline will be subject to background checks and citizenship verification. Students should be prepared to provide a copy of your birth certificate and passport cover page for validation. In addition some students may be required to contact the U.S. State Department for individual authorization for training courses.

Bug Sweep Services

Jigsaw Security provides bug sweep services for corporate, Government and individuals in the United States. Our company has over 100 combined years in Electronic Countermeasures work. Starting in 1992, our company's founders were working for the DoD and IC providing electronic services, in 2008 we began providing services to our clients and obtained authorization to provide training to US Government and Contractors, Military and Corporate clients. If you believe you are being monitored please cal your attorney and have them arrange a sweep. Attorneys should call 800-447-2150 Extension 1 and request a Sweep for your clients. Do not call us from your clients cell phone or home. The goal of a sweep is to ensure that we do not tip off the person performing this advanced surveillance on your client. Services are billed at rates between $175 and $300 per hour depending on location.

Electronic Countermeasures Training - NC PPSB Licensing

Several states require licensing for those companies and individuals wishing to provide Electronic Countermeasures services for hire. These states North Carolina and Nevada (when working for a casino) require formal training and/or certification. Jigsaw Security Enterprise Inc. is an approved Electronic Countermeasures school for licensing by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board. Our instructor Mr. Wetzel has performed hundreds of Electronic sweeps over the last 20 years and provides a complete introductory course and certification course for those individuals and companies wishing to get licensed to perform Electronic Countermeasure services. Read below for class information and scheduling.

Quality Equipment

With over 20 years of experience in this field. Our TSCM experts utilize the latest equipment and methodologies to find and detect eavesdropping devices. In fact we are one of only 3 authorized instructors that provide this type of training in the US.

For training in this field or to obtain information call us at 800-447-2150 Ext. 1.

Important Note

If you believe you are being bugged or monitored, please do NOT call from your cell phone or home phone. Go to a public phone and call us or email us from a friends computer. The goal is to not tip off the listener that you suspect the activity so we can locate and prosecute the offender. Note that only a handful of prosecutions occur in the US annually for this type of eavesdropping so you want to ensure your hiring the best technical resource to find the activity.

As expert witnesses in this field, we have been involved in many prosecutions over the last 20 years.

Important Please Read

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures is a field that few people truly understand. There are a lot of companies and individuals that claim to be trained in this field. Jigsaw Security has years of training and expertise in this field and our certifications and training authorizations prove it. You can visit the North Carolina PPSB site to verify our licenses, you can also verify that we are authorized to teach TSCM courses and that we have the experience to provide these services. To my knowledge there are less than 20 individuals in the US and about 10 in Canada that are true TSCM professionals. All of the others claiming to know this field are using equipment purchased off of EBay (in violation of ITAR), through Chinese markets (also in violation of ITAR) and other hardware that is not certified or calibrated. If you truly value your security you will go with a firm that is licensed, insured and that legally purchases their equipment without violating Federal law. In fact our TSCM engineers even build our own equipment most of the time. We truly understand the risk and will ensure that you get a real TSCM sweep and that our report is complete, concise and accurate. 

Before hiring a TSCM specialist - Verify they are valid license holders

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