Cyber Edition

Intel Edition

LE Edition

The Jigsaw Security Analytic Platform Cyber Edition is our standard offering. This version allows you to ingest, process, analyze and protect networks from a cyber perspective. Includes log monitoring, auditing and intelligence of cyber threat intelligence. The platform also is set to automatically interface with our DISRUPT line of DNS and Proxy server technologies to cut the number of infections down within your environment. Retail MSRP for Cyber Edition: $249,995 + Subscription to our threat intelligence feed. *

The Jigsaw Analytics Platform Intelligence Edition is only available to Government customers and provides advanced features beyond the cyber edition to include full motion video analysis, geospatial event alerting, OSINT, SIGINT and a voice to analytic model to transcribe news broadcast, radio and cell phone transmissions, SMS and forensics capabilities. Government MSRP and Schedule Rate is $179,995 + threat intelligence feed, OSINT and collection subscriptions. *

The Jigsaw Analytics Platform LE edition is geared toward law enforcement customers. This version is designed for use with CALEA and FISA orders to collect, process and analyze various forensics, communications, location and ping data, network intelligence module for locating fugives and more. Retail MSRP for LE Edition: $249,995 + collection subscriptions. *

* Customers not wishing to use our data analytics products can subscribe as users to use data in their network environments. Customers wishing to use our data in commercial applications must have a reseller agreement and will be eligible for partner/reseller status and pricing.

Your Data - Several Options

The Jigsaw Analytics Platform is available as an open source community supported download or as a commercially supported product. We have agreed to release our source code in July of 2017 to allow more integration with our systems. Stay tuned to our Github for more details and downloads. Below are the current commercially available products. We are currently on version 5 of the platform currently.

Version 4.6 Support will officially end December 2017. Those users still requiring updates and support for 4.6 deployments should upgrade prior to December 2017 for continued support.

Jigsaw As A Service

Some organizations may not have budget or may not be able to deploy an on premise solution and would rather use the Jigsaw Enterprise instance to run analytics. Jigsaw can be deployed as a service in a subscription model. The platform is installed on Azure or AWS and is managed by Jigsaw for customer use. Data is made available and analytics run on AWS with your data. Flat monthly rate and easy deployment of existing products. Call our sales team for a hosted service quote today and save through virtualization.

Contact: (800)447-2150 Ext. 1        To contact Jigsaw simply send a message in our chat window!

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