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Why Jigsaw should be your first stop in Your security Plan

In short we have a superior security product that is ahead of all of the other protection options on the market, our performance with our past clients speak for itself and you should choose us because our engineers are seasoned professionals that understand the unique challenges in securing on premise, cloud and third party applications.

Past Performance

Jigsaw Security routinely submits to third party past performance reviews to evaluate our effectiveness for our clients as well as by request of our customers or potential customers. Our latest third party past performance review can be read here.

Highly Skilled Executive Team and Employees

Jigsaw Security only hires the best security engineers available. Our portfolio of talent is very broad and includes an executive team that are all prior Government and military veterans with an emphasis on performance. Our employees have at a minimum 10-15 years doing real world security work with some engineers bringing 25+ years experience to the table in the health, Government, communications and legal fields.

Capabilities Statement

Jigsaw Security brings significant capabilities to bear for temporary, incident response and long term contracts. You can review our capabilities statement here.

In short if you want the job done right for a reasonable rate, Jigsaw Security should be your first stop. No other managed security provider on the market can bring the capabilities and resources to your organization cheaper and with equivalent capabilities. Try our solution first, we will be your first and last stop!

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