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Report of IOT Activity of Interest

We are urging our users and partners to report any activity observed around the following incident.

Our FirstWatch sensor is detecting suspicious activity targeting Government and very specific industries of interest to nation state actors. Reports may be reported through the sitings features in our Jigsaw Security Threat Intelligence portal event 28305. A discussion on this activity is ongoing by security researchers.

Indicators of Compromise

The following indicators are being watched at this time:

14.140.116[.]172 203.131.222[.]109 203.131.222[.]83 33ffbc8d6850794fa3b7bccb7b1aa1289e6eaa45 8f2918c721511536d8c72144eabaf685ddc21a35 d0cb9b2d4809575e1bc1f4657e0eb56f307c7a76 d67511b0e1494f1aac0b6af45bc98f011e5c94b4 fe887fcab66d7d7f79f05e0266c0649f0114ba7c

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