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Jigsaw Data Science does Finance...

Norfolk, Virginia

Financial Data Products

Today Jigsaw Security Enterprise Inc. announced the launch of our financial services division. As many of our customers may know, Jigsaw Security has been developing data science models, applications and software for many industries to include aerial imagery, network security and now financial services.

In the image above, the Jigsaw Security analytics model is running real-time predictive analytics in the TD Ameritrade Think or Swim application*. 

The predictive model is the perfect use case since we have been watching activity in the markets to include meme stocks as well as over leveraged brokerages and hedge funds. This new model allows trade desk to manually or automatically enter, exit or roll stock positions, options or other securities.

These new financial products are being utilized for in house trading. For more information or to inquire about custom financial software creation please feel free to reach out to us through the contact page on the Jigsaw Security website or contact your sales representative.

* Think or Swim is a trademark of TD Ameritrade.

Disclosure: At the time of this posting Jigsaw Security had no positions open but the author of this post had positions open in the entertainment industry, consumer goods and services, travel and tourism, finance and lending as well as emerging technologies.

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