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Jigsaw Security builds out Fintech Analytics

For the last 10 years, Jigsaw Security has been providing award winning cyber security products. During the COVID-19 pandemics trials, we were stuck not being able to build out big data solutions that are deployed onsite. While many companies can deploy in the cloud, our MSP's and those customers in the healthcare space do not have the ability to store data off premise. During this devestating pandemic Jigsaw Security decided to finish a product known as Jigsaw Invest which allows financial industries to utilize the same analytic products that we use in our security products with banking, hedge funds, consumer trading and other financial products. Using our entity based extraction with big data works even better when analyzing financial data due to the fact that most financial data is highly structured but also because we can detect anomalies very quickly and easily in near real time.

So how does this work?

Utilizing Tensorflow and Elasticsearch, the platform ingest historical financial data, calculates activity and patterns from previous charts and data and then provides a probability of a particular action occuring to include low float, short squeeze, trend reversal, golden cross and similar patterns as well as news, social media and other information such as volume and activity spike detection.

Data Points

What data points are used to inform trading decisions? Can't I just buy a Bloomberg terminal? The data points used in the product are listed below:

  • Order flow from retail traders (Fidelity and IBorrowdesk)

  • Order flow from popular ETF's (ARK as an example)

  • Upcoming IPO's and previous IPO status

  • Undervalued stocks with revenue and earnings increases

  • Most active stocks and ETF's

  • Trending in news and upcoming earnings

  • Low float stock

  • Many other points of interest including social media sentiment

Buying a Bloomberg Subscription?

You could for sure but they cost $24000 per year per terminal. Our solution provides data on only relevant tickers that match your watchlist and criteria. The solution will be available January 1sr, 2022 and has been in development for well over a year.

More information is coming soon. It may appear as though our team has been quiet but rest assured, we are hard at work creating real world big data solutions for various industries to include fintech, healthcare, Government and law enforcement.

Stay tuned for more updates and our free trial offer coming in January and Happy Holidays!

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