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Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model


  • Jigsaw Security wins Hampton Roads Emerging Cyber Security Product of the Year Award

  • Jigsaw Security receives past performance rating of 97% on our previous 6 contracts. Jigsaw Security leads by example and we treat our customers as we would wish to be treated. It's how we do business!

  • Threat Intel shouldn't break the bank. Get our data, sensors and protection for less than a single sensor from our competition. Security needs to be effective, not costly!

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What we do... Fully managed DNS whole network protection

PeerBlock Home User

Home users can protect their workstations by installing PeerBlock and utilizing Jigsaw Security Threat Intel data. This solution is a cost effective and managed offering that cost $9.95 for up to 254 home user personal computers. 

PiHole™ Home User

Home users can protect their entire network using the free PiHole™ solution. Subscriptions for our data ensure your entire network is protected from malware, ransomware and phishing attacks. Pricing is $9.95 for up to 254 home user personal computers. 


Managed security providers can resell Jigsaw Security data in a fully managed MISP, Hosted DNS servers and full Jigsaw Analytic Platform deployment. This is a cloud solution allowing security vendors to resell our data and services. Whole network protection for $1995.95/Mo.  


3 Step Installation - Up and running on day 1 (On Premise or Hosted in AWS/Azure)


Customer subscribes on the Jigsaw Security website. Customer must provide us with the company name, an emergency contact and email address.


Jigsaw Security operations team deploys 2 DNS servers and 2 web panels to your provided Linux boxes (RedHat or Ubuntu), AWS or Azure environments.


Customer changes their DNS/DHCP configuration to use the new DNS servers and logs into the web based panel to make sure their traffic is visible. That's it, install complete!

Our hosted DNS solution (software) runs on your hardware, in the cloud or in your data center. You fully manage the servers, data and information. Jigsaw Security makes the DNS protection files available every hour to protect your network from phishing, malware, ads, tracking and other threats. It truly is that easy to stop 99.9% of threats using DNS blocking and monitoring techniques. Protect your entire network for $1995 per month and feel good knowing you have complete visibility into what is being blocked. Security does not have to be hard or expensive.

Corporate Users & MSSP's Fully Hosted Solution (MISP, PiHole™ & Peerblock Option)


Why jigsaw should be your solution

  • Fully managed DNS appliance that stops 99.9% of all malware and phishing threats

  • Customer Dashboard showing DNS and IP activity

  • Simple installation that is cloud based, set your DNS servers to our cloud solution and you are protected

  • Threat Intelligence and Jigsaw SOC Support

  • Can support any number of users - Our solution scales

  • Continually monitoring to be compliant with CMMC

  • Automatic updates, as new threats are discovered, Jigsaw updates your DNS to drop, block or monitor malicious activity

  • Whole network protection with no needs for agents that slow down your computers

  • Inexpensive solution that stops hackers by denying them access to malicious content

  • Built on PiHole™ sensors using Jigsaw Security data

There is a reason 7 of the top 10 MSSP's in the US are using at least 1 of our solutions. Jigsaw Security has not had a single customer infection since 2014! Not one!

Protecting the whole enterprise

Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model - Protecting the whole enterprise - Not just your network!


The Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model is a service mark of Jigsaw Security Enterprise Incorporated 2007-2020 All Rights Reserved

The Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model is a method of protecting networks utilizing intelligence products, analytics, human elements and more. It is the practical application of intelligence models to ensure that networks and devices remain secure, persons and facilities are adequately secured against many types of threats to include non cyber based attack vectors that are often overlooked by IT security personnel. In short we do not believe that you should stovepipe your security operations. Security in order to be effective has to take into account all aspects of security to include physical, personnel, facilities, cyber as well as effective policies and procedures both in times of normal and abnormal operations. We are not an IT based company but rather a true security company.

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