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DNS Disrupt Technology Kills Malware

Jigsaw Security provides several products to include DataLock (encryption), Analytic Platform (analysis and automation), DISRUPT line of products to protect networks, Data Synchronization and Cloud Computing Technologies. One of our most popular products is the DISRUPT DNS product that actively redirects known bad request to known good sites to alert end users that they were about to infect a machine with malware had they actually been allowed to go to the website requested. This product saves thousands of infections per day and is in use in healthcare, Government, Financial and other markets.

One of the first questions we normally get is how does the product work? Have a look below at our DISRUPT diagram explaining how we protect from infections quickly and efficiently.

DISRUPT DNS in Action using RPZ (Response Policy Zones)

As you can see instead of accessing a malware site this process sends the user to a warning page letting them know why the webpage was not allowed to load on the secured network. In addition security teams were also alerted or an alert is generated in the Jigsaw Platform (See examples below).

Jigsaw Analytic Platform Showing DNS Sinkhole Activity

As you can see our console shows the attempted access to known bad sites allowing administrators to quickly find existing infections and stopping new infections from occurring. DNS DISRUPT is a cost effective way to stop infections on any type of network and detect already infected devices that were infected prior to the technology being installed.

Ready to try it?

Call 800-447-2150 Ext. 6 today to get a trial of our DISRUPT products and services. This is a cost effective way to reduce the number of threats in your network and do more work with less personnel.

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