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OSINT-X Intelligence Platform as a Service

Jigsaw Security Enterprise Inc has announced the availability of a new product. Since 2014 Jigsaw Security Intelligence Team has provided aggregation services of OSINT news items. Today the company announced the availability of our OSINT-X Outfeed service in the Jigsaw Analytic Platform. Customers can now use our system to search for very specific OSINT content relevant to their security posture and reputation. Many company's provide similar technologies but this is specific to those customers using the Jigsaw Compliance Model in their enterprise environment. This service is maintained to help MSSP (Managed Security Service Providers) using Jigsaw Products to protect their clients to monitor things such as reputation and news items concerning their clients.

The service is available as a hosted solution in the Jigsaw Cloud environment with prices starting at $995.95 per month. OSINT-X outfeed is also available to customers that purchase the Jigsaw Analytic Platform in their environments. Find out quickly if your company is being mentioned in new articles, on bulletin boards, Twitter, Facebook and other monitored sites. New content is being added daily to the OSINT-X library and currently there are over 490 specific feeds to include topics such as RFP's, Government, News, Media, Aerospace, Healthcare, Security, Vulnerabilities, Development, Intelligence, Leaked Data, Malware and Antivirus, Blogs and Websites and much more. Adding a site is easy!

OSINT-X is a platform that brings intelligence data into your network without exposing your corporation to fingerprinting which allows you to read information without attribution.

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