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Jigsaw Security Enterprise Version 5

Today Jigsaw Security Enterprise Inc. a Moyock, North Carolina firm announced the availability of Jigsaw Analytic Platform version 5. This version uses Elasticsearch version 5 and will mirror the current version of Elasticsearch to make maintenance and upgrades simpler. The new version is currently in testing at trusted partner sites and will be generally available June 1st, 2017. Additional development is currently underway and we fully expect to have the new version available on schedule.

Features in Jigsaw 5:

Elasticsearch (ELK) is upgraded to version 5.3

Native Alerting through Jigsaw Alert

Hadoop (Cloudera) native integration (automatic updates)

Apache Nifi native integration (automatic updates)

MISP native integration (automatic updates)

New Jigsaw Deployment Agent (Deploy hundreds or thousands of nodes in minutes)

Elastic Tribe Support - Connect to multiple Elastic Instances from one interface

Native user accounts and security model

Drag and Drop Ingest

Full Text Document Indexing

Audio, Photograph and Video Indexing (Native)

Jigsaw Marketplace - Purchase commercial analytics from Jigsaw and other Providers

New Modules in Jigsaw 5:

Voice to Text Module

Signal Capture Module

Temporary Streams - Allow quick analysis of real time data without writing to Elasticsearch

Geospatial and Event Map

These are just some of the newest features in the platform. We will be releasing more information.

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