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Jigsaw selects Hampton Roads Executive as base of Aviation Operations

Jigsaw Security today announced the selection of Hampton Roads Executive Airport for all aviation related activities. "Hampton Roads will be our base of operations for our Drone and Corporate Aviation needs" said Kevin Wetzel CEO and founder of Jigsaw Security. "This location is perfectly suited allowing us to get to Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. quickly and efficiently from our corporate office, typically in under an hour".

Hampton Roads Executive Airport was selected due to increased security options at the field to include badged access and a new security fence as well as commercial hangar space.

Hampton Roads Executive Terminal

Hampton Roads Executive Airport (KPVG) is a public use, privately owned reliever airport centrally located at the intersection of I-64, I-664, I-264 and Route 58 in Chesapeake, VA.

Currently consisting of a state of the art terminal facility, an east-west 5,350 foot runway, a north-south 3,600 foot crosswind runway, full serve and self serve fueling facilities, 500,000 SF of hangars, 3 administration buildings and a restaurant. KPVG is home to approximately 250 based aircraft, with multiple airport related businesses operating on site. In terms of annual operations, KPVG ranks second in the State for general aviation non-towered airports and ranks in the top 4 for economic activity and job creation.

A look at Hampton Roads from above

Jigsaw Security Enterprise relies on aircraft for our rapid response teams and incident handling for events to include natural disasters, emergency communications and law enforcement activities.

Jigsaw Security is planning on acquiring a second location at the airport by the end of 2017 in addition to space already in use at the facility.

For more information contact Jigsaw Security at (800)447-2150 Ext. 6.

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