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Jigsaw Sensor to be open sourced

Jigsaw Security has began working on an open source version of our sensor product. The sensor will be freely available for download and will be powered by Jigsaw Security Threat Intelligence products to allow anyone to monitor their networks using Jigsaw Security data easily and for free. The free product will not allow end users to modify the signatures or heuristic detection but will be kept up to date with a 24 hour delay in data from our commercial feed. The goal is that those using the sensor will see the value in our products and services and then share intelligence data with us and subscribe to our commercial services.

The planned release of the sensor will be on the first day of Blackhat in which Jigsaw will have representatives giving out free access to the sensor code and then following up with a general release after the Blackhat convention has closed.

By default the sensors will report anonymous alerts to Jigsaw in a distributed manner but end users of the sensors can disable that feature although we really need your help in getting visibility into what APT actors are doing. This allows us to better focus Jigsaw resources on what is happening in our threat landscape.

Jigsaw Security participates in the Homeland Security AIS, CISCP and other programs. In addition Jigsaw provides data to HITRUST through a strategic partnership with Anomali. For more information on our products and services please visit our website at or call 800-447-2150 for a free demo of our products and services.

Jigsaw Security is available in appliance, cloud and on premise cloud based threat intelligence solutions.

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