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Product Updates from R&D

Jigsaw Platform now supports Cloudera Hadoop

The Jigsaw R&D Team has finished building out a new installer for the Jigsaw Enterprise Platform that now supports Cloudera Hadoop. The new capability enables Jigsaw customers to offload indexes directly into Hadoop for archival purposes. "With the requirements of some industries requiring years of retention, this new capability goes a long way toward meeting compliance requirements and retention" said Kevin Wetzel, CEO of Jigsaw Security. The fact that Hadoop is now a plugin allows all of the Hadoop Eco-System to be deployed side by side of the Jigsaw platform allowing customers to make better use of storage in HDFS and to access archived data using mapreduce, HIVE, solr and similar technologies included in the Hadoop distribution. What is nice about the solution is that it does not involve any additional cost to the customer to deploy. The addition of Hadoop allows some really nice options for data archiving, storage and retrieval.

Data Source Support Updates

Over the last few months Jigsaw Security has been expanding the number of data sets supported in the Jigsaw Platform. Data sources such as Twitter and Pastebin are quite simple to ingest as they are provided using API calls to those services or in the case of Twitter the firehose option allows us to see all tweets that are publicly posted and to receive that data in a quick and easy manner.

New modules have been created allowing the ingestion of data from many products. The following products are now fully supported in the Jigsaw Analytics Platform.

Data Sources List in Jigsaw Enterprise Platform







Apache Nifi - Any source that can be obtained with NIFI is supported

Content Web Grabber - Again any source that can be ingested is supported

Products Natively Supported by Jigsaw Enterprise Platform

Jigsaw FirstWatch Sensor






HP Server Automation

HP Operations Orchestrator

HP Network Automation - Including Jigsaw Plugins in Deployment

Speed of Deployment to Production

In addition to these products any CSV, JSON, XML & STIX format is natively supported. Our cloud enabled infrastructure enables customer to build out big data platforms without the need for developing their own customized solutions. Reduce deployment time to 30-90 days and concentrate on data sources instead of the infrastructure of building out the system. Our installer typically has the software installed and configured for use in a single day. Instead of spending time integrating you can spend time getting your data sources ingested quickly.

Jigsaw Security continues to develop innovative and cutting edge technologies to combat cyber security threats as well as intelligence based products to be able to analyze large data sets. Through continual research and development, Jigsaw products continue to be far ahead of industry standard products and are not dependent on any other products to be effective at stopping malware threats. In fact many of the leading MSSP's use Jigsaw Security data in their own products and services to protect their clients.

For more information on this release you may email our Sales team using the contact form on our website.

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