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Managed Security Option from Jigsaw

Starting today Jigsaw is now offering our FirstWatch Sensor and Jigsaw Enterprise Console for Managed Security Providers to be able to monitor all of their customers from a single platform. The console allows unlimited customers to be monitored allowing MSSP's to bill customers based on actual event responses.

Customers can login and review traffic observed on their network. MSSP's can respond to critical incidents as they occur.

Customer Sensor Console

The sensor product is the only product that needs to be deployed in the customer environment. Once deployed the FirstWatch Sensor monitors all DNS request and activity on the customer network. Customers have their own console to monitor what is happening within their networks. Customer can have multiple sites monitored by a single sensor platform (multiple sensors). Sensors retail for $6995.95 per sensor (most customers equip their networks with 2 sensors per site or more depending on traffic load). The MSSP platform is being provided at no cost if customer subscribe to the threat intelligence service which is $49995.95 annually to receive updates.

MSSP Console

MSSP's can monitor up to 250 customer with a single deployed platform. While the platform is being bundled with the the solution MSSP's must subscribe to the Jigsaw Threat Feed to offer this solution to their customers. MSSP's do not need access to the customer networks and will only see the log output in their platform from each customer site uniquely identified and tied to each customer.


Pricing for this solution is straight forward. The MSSP subscribes to the Jigsaw Threat Intelligence service for $49,995 annually and sensors are deployed to each customer. Typical cost to manage a single customer is under $15000 per year. Each additional customer deployment cost $15,000 per year. An MSSP with 10 customers would be able to provide the service for under $200K per year which allows the MSSP to make considerable profit with incident response.

For more information on this service offering contact Jigsaw Security by visiting or calling 800-447-2150 Ext. 6

This product is available for deployment on VULTR infrastructure. Learn how VULTR is changing the game in cloud computing and hosting.

Jigsaw Security uses VULTR to deploy services for testing and development. VULTR is not affiliated with Jigsaw Security Enterprise, NC Broadband or any of the Jigsaw Security Enterprise offerings.

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