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Jigsaw Secured Networks not vulnerable to KRACK

Jigsaw Security is pleased to announce that none of our Jigsaw Security managed networks are vulnerable to the KRACK vulnerabilities reported in the media today. Jigsaw Security and wireless ISP NC Broadband ( utilize Ubiquiti Networks (UBNT) hardware for our Wimax and Broadband wireless products. As of 7:22PM EST it was confirmed by UBNT that our equipment is not subject to this security issue.

Jigsaw Security owns and operates NC Broadband as a division of our security company. The NC Broadband project provides high speed Internet via secure wireless networks based on the WiMAX protocol.

Jigsaw wireless networks incorporate the Jigsaw Security FirstWatch sensor and protection on all customer networks ensuring less infections for our customers.

NC Broadband is a brand under Jigsaw Security operating with FCC license WQVC235. Jigsaw Security provides rapid deployed networks when disaster strikes quickly and efficiently to replace damaged infrastructure. For more information visit or call 800-447-2150 Ext. 6 for availability or to receive a quote for build outs.

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