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Jigsaw Security Launches Jigsaw University

Jigsaw Security today has launched the Jigsaw University. The platform allows our customers, partners and clients to take highly effective security training, obtain Jigsaw Certifications and to take familiarization courses without cost. This is a significant source of information relevant to Jigsaw customers. We aim to provide information that customers can use to ensure their staff is trained to a higher level.

In addition to familiarization cases, Jigsaw Security plans on submitting courses for NC PPSB approval for CE credits as well as for licensing for Electronic Countermeasures*.

Several courses are already available to include our Executive Overview of TSCM for managers and the Jigsaw Security Insider Threat training materials.

Jigsaw will be adding new courses and training materials over the next month or two and will be creating the very first Jigsaw Security Certification for Jigsaw Protection Model which makes up the Jigsaw Auditing Service that we provide to clients requiring a higher level of Cyber Security protection and policies.

* Will require NC PPSB Board Approval. While planned this statement in no way is meant to state that we will obtain approval for any course or materials.

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